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Common Issues

  • Recruitment seems unable to find good staff
  • Our staff churn is too high
  • Offshore productivity is low
  • Staff seem unhappy with the facility
  • Infrastructure (like IT) is slow or unreliable

How EOS can help

There’s two areas we can give new perspective:

  1. Is your current facility high quality and able to meet your needs?
  2. Does your management team understand the cultural adjustments needed to build a great offshore team? Incompatible management approach will make great staff perform poorly.

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Common Issues

  • You have outgrown the facility you started with
  • You grew the team without compliance to BIR/DOLE/SSS regulations.
  • You’ve outgrown the home-office scenario
  • You want more control over operations

How EOS can help

It’s not unusual to have a degree of success with offshoring, but later realise you have some critical limitations due to past decisions. We have a suite of incubation and transitional services that allow you to resolve compliance issues, take more control, and achieve a new vision for your team.

Common Issues

  • We are trying to get started NOW but there is months of compliance first
  • We don’t know whether to incorporate now, later, or never
  • We don’t want to get locked into an inflexible BPO
  • We aren’t sure which is the most suitable location to incorporate
  • Advice varies and we are concerned about mistakes.

How EOS can help
  • Compared to somewhere like Australia, incorporation in PH is hard, slow and expensive. It’s a difficult commitment to make before you get any operational wins.
  • We can help you understand the process and costs of incorporation, and show you incubation alternatives that allow a much faster & cheaper setup, with a flexible path to independence.
Common Issues

  • We’ve been researching but the choices are murky
  • There seems to be different staffing models – which is best for us?
  • What kinds of roles are possible/practical in our industry?
  • How much should we be paying for salaries?
  • How do we find an offshore facility that specialises in our industry?

How EOS can help

Since 2010 we have been providing independent offshoring consulting to SMEs and large corporates.

Solutions include strategic consulting and implementation, offshore tours & provider analysis, and coaching of management techniques to maximise offshore productivity and team success.

Common Issues

  • So far we are finding mostly poor quality tech staff
  • Salaries very wildly – what’s the right amount to pay?
  • Our offshore staff retention is not very good, how can we fix it?
  • Our facility doesn’t understand our industry or what skills we need.
  • We want to fully control our offshore staff, not be stuck “outsourcing”.

How EOS can help

Tech is the background of our founders. We first learned offshoring by figuring it out within our IT Services and software businesses. We have unmatched experience with how to recruit, retain, and train offshore IT teams to be every bit as good as onshore. We also know which facilities and models are going to work for tech teams, and how to avoid “vendor lock”.


Our Core Services

Flexible Offshore Incubation

What if you could choose which parts of offshoring you did yourself, versus which parts were done for you?

Offshore Consulting

Everything is hard until it is easy. Learn from offshoring experts and save yourself the pain and expense that the average business suffers.

Offshore Strategy Tours

If you don’t know where to start, maybe the best idea is to go and see everything for yourself.

Small Business Solutions

Group Tours and Seminars can bring you priceless rare knowledge without a corporate price tag.

What are  your concerns?

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