Philippines Offshore Incubation - Easy Offshore
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Philippines Offshore Incubation

Technology Elite and its consulting arm Easy Offshore (EOS) have developed extensive capabilities for helping clients to incubate and scale their Philippines operations.

Some clients begin their offshoring journey with the end in mind, and so wish to have ultimate flexibility and risk control from the outset.

More commonly, our incubation clients are those that have come from situation that no longer suited their needs. For example, they outgrew their existing BPO, or their BPO failed, or they tried to incorporate too early and it disrupted their operations.  Our modular approach to offshoring allows each client to rapidly migrate from whatever are the current problems.


We offer a Catalog of Services that can be provided for clients that have a need to transition beyond Technology Elite’s standard “Staff Leasing” model. These include:


  • Incubation Consulting and Transition Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Payroll & Administration Solution
    • Employee Contract Management
    • HMO Medical Insurance Management
    • Payroll Service, Employee / Government Submissions & Benefits
    • Bi-monthly Payroll
    • Government Mandated Contributions
    • Employee Taxation Calculation / Tax Returns
    • Monthly attendance reports
  • Project Manager / Team Optimisation Services
  • Office Space & Facility Services
    • Serviced Office Basics
    • Technology Supply or Support
    • Personalisation / Branding of Office
    • Expansion Services




Have you Outgrown your BPO or Staff Leasing Facility?

Outsourcing Philippines Payroll, HR and Recruitment Services

Transition your existing team out of your BPO