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Offshore Consulting

Thank you for considering Easy Offshore to assist with analysing and deploying multi-shoring white collar opportunities for your firm. We look forward to bringing immense value to your organisation.
Easy Offshore was established in 2010 with the goal of providing rapid learning and implementation services for offshoring. Our full service consulting has 100% success rate with helping Australia, New Zealand, US and UK organisations to create and implement their offshoring strategy.
We have served all industries and all sized businesses, from as small as a startup with 5 staff, to as large as a $250M publically listed global operation.
We offer three levels of engagement:
Safe Start Engagement (Package 1 of 3)

Safe start is geared towards delivering the most critical information and doing the most important planning, as efficiently as possible. It is best for businesses who are:


  • Budget focused,
  • Or already have some offshore experience within the management team,
  • Or who intend to have an ex-pat manager offshore running the team,
  • Or who intend a very small scale in the first 12 months (under 5 FTE staff offshore)
  • Or who expect to get at least some high quality guidance from their facility, and are confident that they are using a good facility.


This engagement is delivered in two core sessions and then basic support. The core sessions are delivered onsite at your office. (There may a travel cost adjustment if you are not central within a capital city of Australia or your schedule does not align with our capital city delivery schedule).


Ongoing support is by email for six months after the first Core session is delivered.

The total investment is $2990

Optionally, Add $1140 for an additional 6 x 1 hour monthly calls to help you keep on track and supply you with content and techniques relevant to your immediate challenges.

Core Session 1 - Fundamentals of Offshoring
  • Initial workshop to define scope, understand goals, understand fears and reservations
  • Top ten reasons why companies fail with offshoring.
  • Core principles of offshoring and common strategy examples.
  • The nine multi-shoring models, and which ones will work for the stated scope.
Core Session 2 – Scope and Strategy
  • Ethics, Working Conditions, Wages
  • Skillsets available and salary ranges.
  • Management alignment discussion.
  • The internal sell to your local team; address concerns/fears, win support.
  • Scope Determination: Phase 1 / Phase 2 suggestions.
  • Written summary delivered post session.
  • Includes two copies of “The Third Wave” – a highly referenced book on the topic.
Core Session 3 – Optimising Teams and Management Techniques
  • Setting reasonable expectations and adjusting scope.
  • Detailed recruitment & salary packaging techniques for a productive and loyal team.
  • Understanding the key cultural differences.
  • Optimising productivity – tools and techniques.
  • Important communication techniques and key cultural differences that your local team must understand.
  • Written summary delivered post session.
Implementation Assistance (Package 2 of 3)

This package best suits a medium sized organisation that requires help with planning and implementation but does not need formal milestone reporting or require board approval / oversight. It may also be best suited to organisations that have already selected their providers.


It begins with the same core 1 learning session from the first package.


The initial term of engagement is 6 months and up to 10 FTE staff.  Terms and scope can be adapted to your needs, and can be discussed and extended as required beyond the initial scope.

The typical investment  for this consulting is a retainer of $1500 per month, for 6 months, paid monthly.


The Philippines Tour is a recommended but optional extra.

Comprehensive Implementation (Package 3 of 3)

This package is a complete start-to-finish solution, best suited to larger and more complex businesses, and those that :


  • Intend a significant scale of offshoring ultimately (10+ FTE roles)
  • Are risk averse
  • Need comprehensive documented analysis,
  • Require significant management collaboration input throughout,
  • Require comprehensive documentation of strategy.
  • Require comprehensive implementation assistance.


Our scope is to deliver our core learning content to the management team, assist with building a comprehensive multi-shore Strategic Plan, and then assist with implementation for the duration.


The initial term of engagement is typically for 12 months and up to 20 FTE staff.  Terms and scope can be adapted to your needs, and can be discussed and extended as required beyond the initial scope.


It begins with the same core 1 learning session from the first package.


The typical investment  for this consulting is a retainer of $2424 per month, for 12 months, paid quarterly.  This includes all costs of the Philippines Tour except for flights.


The engagement can be adjusted to allow your management team to dictate their capabilities and time availability. The amount of input you require of our consultants will depend upon factors such as the complexity of the strategy, the quality of existing process documentation, the number of providers required, the variability of the roles, the degree of alignment of management, and the availability for key management to commit time to the project.

Rapid Turnaround Consulting

If you require a pre-insolvency turnaround approach, please ask for a briefing. The strategy is similar but is deliberately tuned to maximise short term cash flow gains. There are specific ratios and formulas that determine viability, and we will advise you before any cost is incurred if your situation does not qualify.



Starting an offshore team is not a measure of success.  Failures are surprisingly common – probably around 40% of businesses who try offshoring get a poor result due to poor preparation.

Productivity, cultural alignment, stability and scalability are the measures of a great result, and these will all need to be deliberately created and then tuned over the  first 12 months.

Our comprehensive proven framework provides a proven, low risk method to implement safely and rapidly.

If you feel like you already understand a lot of the elements of this consulting,
or you want a faster startup, you may wish to instead explore our