Offshore Strategy Tour - Easy Offshore
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Offshore Strategy Tour


Easy Offshore operates a guided exploration of our closest Global labour hub, The Philippines.


These tours are done as either a group of business owners, or as a customised tour for a single client.


The group tour is a packed 3 day format you’ll share with up to 5 other business owners or managers. You will meet the best providers and industry experts, talk to others who have set up already, start to create your strategy, experience the culture and learn more about why the Philippines is a good fit for Australian businesses.


Alternatively, you may wish us to build a customised tour for your business, which will include strategic advice to help you objectively assess and rank the available options.


Group trips cost under $5000 per person including all travel costs, while customised consulting visits start from $10,000 plus travel costs. No places can be reserved without payment.


Please contact us for all enquiries about tours.


“Just wanted to say I did the strategy tour with Scott and a wonderful other 6 business owners and learnt so much more than anticipated. Not only did I learn about how to set up my staff offshore but I also learnt invaluable skills regarding the wonderful Filipino people. I also appreciate that I have gained skills that I can implement with my Australian team.”

Owena Cleary, RTO / Training Industry