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Staff Costs

Staff Costs

Low cost doesn’t mean low quality.

The truth is that when hiring offshore, you can hire any level of experience that you want to hire.  

With the right help and the right recruitment, you can find staff that are superb quality, and have perfect English. The quality of your team is up to you. 

This is often the biggest mental hurdle for Australian employers when looking at hiring staff overseas. There is a perception that low cost equals low quality.

We already have many historical  precedents that prove this is not true. For example, Japanese electronics manufacturers in the 90s transformed that industry by producing much lower cost electronics that were actually higher quality than American or Australian produced products.

When it comes to ‘white collar’ workers and successful delivery of services offshore, there are some very specific things that determine the quality of the result.

These include sourcing the correct skills, allocation and documentation of tasks, adjusting for cultural differences, and effective supervision and management. Its not significantly different to how an Australian office would run, and Easy Offshore can guide you through the differences to make your offshore operation a success.

Approached and managed correctly, there is no quality difference between Australian staff and staff in another suitable country.  In fact some of our clients have seen better results coming from their offshore team due to higher drive to succeed and better attention to following procedures.

That’s not true of all positions. Some skillsets are  harder to get, particularly high end technical skills. Great managers are harder to find than they are in Australia.  Many clients who build larger offshore operations (over 20 staff) end up placing an Australian manager there to work with the team, and get better results that way.

Our experience at working with many other Australian companies will help decide the most effective and cost effect path forward for you.

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