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Easy Offshore offers some low cost solutions to help smaller businesses build an effective offshoring strategy.

These are the Master Class Seminars and the Group Philippines Tours.

Explore the videos and descriptions below to learn more, and contact us with all enquiries.



Our vision is to help businesses of all sizes to navigate the huge global labour shift that is under way.


Right now there is growing divide between those businesses (and NGOs) who understand and have integrated global resourcing, and those who have not. In the coming years we will all face stiff opposition from foreign owned companies selling into Australia, New Zealand and the US, because they have a very low offshore cost base.


Your competitors are also already at an advantage by having built effective offshore teams. This was already well underway in the SME sector when we published “The Third Wave” back in 2012.


To adapt successfully, you need to understand the changes, and understand how to establish an effective offshore team safely and ethically. Which tasks you choose to do offshore are different for different companies. Those in financial stress shift more tasks and more rapidly in order to survive. Those with the luxury of stable margins are more selective about what tasks/roles they do offshore.


But there is a high failure rate offshore because the learning curve is steep.  Follow our blueprint and your offshore strategy will succeed.


Don’t make assumptions, learn the facts and then make your decisions. Attend our low cost events to advance your knowledge. Receive up to date information, understand the ethics, and hear examples that are relevant to your industry.


“I’ve got to say I was sceptical that offshoring could have anything to do with the construction industry. I only went along because my accountant said I should. The 1 hour intro changed my mind and I’m glad I stayed for the rest of the seminar. The last two weeks I started asking more guys in my industry if they are doing anything offshore and been surprised to find that quite a few already are doing admin or marketing, and one of them has had a team of offshore draftsmen for over a year! “

Roy Martin – Construction Industry


The best way to take the next step is to come to a half-day Master Class, which is 6 years of research and experience condensed into 4 hours in an easy-to-follow blueprint.

The session includes:

  • The ethics of offshore employment – the difference between low-cost wages and “slave wages”.
  • What will happen to businesses who fail to adapt, how they will be squeezed. Why this phenomenon cannot be stopped, and how to adapt your business.
  • What skills are available in offshore labour hubs like Philippines and India – it is NOT what you think.
  • What are the technology and security considerations – how to set up your IT and telephones to facilitate an offshore team.
  • How to set up an offshore team safely, and the 8 different models of employing staff. PLUS, when to set up your own office space and when not to.
  • The difference between “outsourcing” vs setting up an offshore team (and when to use each approach).
  • What are the best providers to use for each industry.
  • All the most common reasons why businesses fail with offshoring.
    Still around half of businesses implement badly and their offshoring fails – we address each reason.
  • Full detail on salary packaging methods for building a loyal & productive team of full-time staff offshore.
  • How to maintain and even improve customer service and prevent unhappy customers.
  • Why your ONSHORE staff should ultimately end up happier after you implement an offshore team.
    Why the internal pitch to your Australian team is vital, and how to do it well.
  • Cultural considerations and management techniques with your offshore team.



Easy Offshore operates a guided exploration of our closest Global labour hub, The Philippines.


These tours are done as either a group of business owners, or as a customised tour for a single client.


The group tour is a packed 3 day format you’ll share with up to 5 other business owners or managers. You will meet the best providers and industry experts, talk to others who have set up already, start to create your strategy, experience the culture and learn more about why the Philippines is a good fit for Australian businesses.


Alternatively, you may wish us to build a customised tour for your business, which will include strategic advice to help you objectively assess and rank the available options.


Group trips cost under $5000 per person including all travel costs, while customised consulting visits start from $10,000 plus travel costs. No places can be reserved without payment.


Please contact us for all enquiries about tours.


“Just wanted to say I did the strategy tour with Scott and a wonderful other 6 business owners and learnt so much more than anticipated. Not only did I learn about how to set up my staff offshore but I also learnt invaluable skills regarding the wonderful Filipino people. I also appreciate that I have gained skills that I can implement with my Australian team.”

Owena Cleary, RTO / Training Industry

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