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Outsourcing Intro Session | Offshore Master Class

Our vision is to help ALL Australian businesses to navigate the huge global labour shift that is under way.

Right now there is growing divide between those businesses (and NGOs) who understand and have integrated global resourcing, and those who have not. In the coming years we will all face stiff opposition from foreign owned companies selling into Australian on a very low offshore cost base. The time to prepare and adapt is NOW.

To adapt successfully, you need to understand the changes, and understand how to establish an effective offshore team safely and ethically. Which tasks you choose to do offshore are different for different companies. Those in financial stress shift more tasks and more rapidly in order to survive. Those with the luxury of stable margins are more selective about what tasks/roles they do offshore.

It is our belief that profitable, stable businesses, owned by Australians, employing Australians with profits taxed in Australia, is better than dying businesses who cannot compete, and who give up their market share to foreign owned companies who employ very few Australians. But there is a high failure rate offshore because the learning curve is steep.

We offer a money-back guarantee with our seminar content: Follow our blueprint and your offshore strategy will succeed.

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Philippines Strategy Tours

Easy Offshore also hosts a 3 day guided exploration of our closest Global labour hub, The Philippines. With a maximum group of six business owners and CEO's, you can meet the best providers, talk to others who have set up already, create your strategy, experience the culture and learn more about why the Philippines is a good fit for Australian businesses. Alternatively, you may wish us to build a customised visit for just your business, and include some consulting to help you objectively assess and rank the available options. Group trips generally cost under $5000 per person including all travel costs, while customised consulting visits start from $10,000 plus travel costs. Please book early as these events do sell out. No places can be reserved without payment.

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