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Have you Outgrown your BPO or Staff Leasing Facility?

Have you Outgrown your BPO or Staff Leasing Facility?


It is not unusual for organisations with an offshore team of 20 or more to feel constrained by the outsourcing or BPO facility they started with. 

You may feel that although your provider was an important part of the journey to date, it is time to consider the alternatives.

A Process Outsourcer (BPO) or a Staff Leasing Facility is a fantastic way to get started with offshoring.  Both of these model give you operational assistance to get rapid results.

Our sister company Technology Elite is an example of a cutting-edge Staff Leasing Facility. Technology Elite enables clients to begin offshoring with as little as one full time staff member, grow to tens or hundreds of staff, retain control over key operational deliverables, without needing to understand anything much about the Philippines or its regulations.   By contrast, BPOs enable the outsourcing of an entire process or business function. With staff leasing you pay for PEOPLE, with a process outsourcer, you pay for an OUTCOME.

However, at some point, some businesses will want more control than either of these models offer.

The point depends upon the quality of the facility they are using, and the strategy and structure of the client.

If you are feeling constrained by your current facility, and you have a scale of 20+ then it may be time to consider our progressive and flexible incubation model, that provides:

  • More control over operational deliverables,

  • Reduced risk from a lack of control over a key element of your business,

  • More freedom with management methods,

  • Assistance to build your own management team,

  • Greater accuracy with recruitment,

  • The freedom to decide which parts of offshoring you want ongoing help with
    (eg you may not want the overhead and effort of managing employment law, or payroll, or recruitment)

  • Your own office environment (or one that looks and feels like it’s yours)

  • And to embed your onshore company culture into your offshore team

All of that is difficult when your team is merely a subsection of a larger facility.

You might also be reviewing the cost and value of your current facility – some agreements make sense only up to a certain scale.  Your business has developed extensive offshore and integrated capabilities of its own, so your needs have changed significantly.

EOS Incubation is a modular approach to offshoring – specifically designed for experienced clients that have outgrown their old needs and now wish to gradually and safely take full control of some or all operational elements.

Contact Us Today for a discussion around your needs or to build you an incubation plan towards incorporation and independence.

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