Curious about offshoring? Visit with us and see for yourself. - Easy Offshore
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Curious about offshoring? Visit with us and see for yourself.

Curious about offshoring? Visit with us and see for yourself.

Easy Offshore provides workshops here in Australia, and also takes clients on customised or group tours of 3 cities in The Philippines.

As reported in the Courier Mail 8th Feb 2014

IT entrepreneur and outsourcing guru Scott Linden Jones said about 25,000 Australian roles were exported to Philippines-based outsourcing companies last year, and predicted the figure would soar to 50,000 in 2014, not counting jobs being exported to India or China.

“Ultimately, I believe about one million to 1.5 million white-collar roles will leave Australia never to return,” Mr Jones said.

Of those, 190,000 to 280,000 were expected to come from Queensland over the next 10 years. Banks and telcos led the exodus about six years ago, and now the state’s small and medium-size businesses were following suit, moving their back-office functions such as bookkeeping, marketing, sales service, graphic design and myriad IT functions, something that would havehuge ramifications for Australian graduates in a huge range of industries, Mr Jones said.

“The fastest-moving (Australian) industries at the moment are those under cash pressures, like construction and manufacturing … with a lot of admin, finance, estimating, drafting, marketing, sales support, tendering (going). Almost anything that doesn’t require hands and eyes in Australia,” Mr Jones said.

He said dozens of high-rise office blocks were sprouting in Manila to meet the international demand for outsourcing, while a whole outsourcing city, Clark City, had been developed north of the capital.

Easy Offshore’s next Philippines exploration: 

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