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Why trust us?


Easy Offshore was started by entrepreneur Scott Linden Jones, after watching many Australian businesses flounder when setting up offshore teams.  Even today at least 50% of Australian businesses hiring offshore get a poor result.  There is a lot to know, and trial and error is a difficult and expensive way to learn. In the early days, Scott put together a briefing pack to give to friends in business to help them get it right, and found that it made a significant difference to the average outcome.

This information expanded over time, and eventually it was established into a formal consultancy, helping Australian businesses of all sizes adapt to micro-globalism.  

There is no other concise packaged blueprint like this anywhere in the world. Our ability to distill the complex into simple to follow steps is absolutely unmatched.

Hi Scott,

Just a quick note as I have now caught up on sleep. 
I wanted to thank you for the tour – it has made our decisions pretty easy and we have a clear path going forward. 
We will put you forward to any other accountants looking to do outsourcing. 
As mentioned once we get ours bedded in we will get some clients then looking at it. I expect that we will be talking to you then about some more tours.

– Paul, Chartered Accounting Firm – Newcastle.

As Scott’s understanding of these global business changes increased, he became aware of the true scale of the shift, and what it would mean for Australian employment and wealth if we failed to adapt. The failure of the Asian Century whitepaper to accurately identify this problem, confirmed that someone needed to put this on the national political agenda.  So in January 2013 Scott released a book to help all Australians understand the changes that were happening. The book is called “The Third Wave: Micro-globalism and the coming employment crisis in Australia“.  It is Scott’s hope that this book will trigger much needed debate around the issues, and lead to Australia rapidly changing its focus to benefit from the changes.

Different clients have different motivators. Some of our clients change their business to fix a profit problem, many to improve services, and some set up offshore to build a stronger business for the future.

With record levels of business failures in Australia due to a slow economy, Easy Offshore was also helps businesses with rapid turnarounds by leveraging offshore solutions. This is perfectly inline with the belief that strong businesses are good for Australia’s economic future. However, most businesses are not under such intense profit pressures and just start small with just 1-5 full time positions offshore, and gradually optimise.  

We advocate being very upfront with Australian staff, and helping them transition to the new global economy also, perhaps by upskilling them or by giving them team leadership roles over the new offshore team.  Many businesses choose to have a “no redundancies” policy and not remove staff in Australia to hire offshore – rather they transition at the speed of natural attrition.  We can help you explore the different ways of approaching this sensitive topic.

Easy Offshore believes that strong businesses are vital for Australia’s economic health.  A strong business is one which leverages the best strategies and models to counter threats and benefit from opportunities.  There is no point running a business that employs a lot of Australians, if the business model dooms it to failure in the near future.  A business that employs less Australians but is strong and sustainable is better for Australia than a business which failed to adapt, becomes uncompetetive and shuts down.  Easy Offshore and its partner technology firms assist Australian businesses to make the transition to a modern and successful business model.


Easy Offshore is a consultancy firm that will step you through the process of setting up your offshore team to ensure that you succeed.  Our methodologies are built upon years of exhaustive testing of what works and what does not work. Without exception, those who follow our methods have much more rapid success, than those who start the journey unprepared. Importantly,  we do not supply offshore staff to you directly.  We provide the missing piece in the middle – the real world experience, the lack of which is the cause of so many offshoring failures.  When you understand how to use global resourcing, you WILL get it right.

“I really like that I can just leverage your experience, and not have to make my own mistakes.
I don’t have time to get this wrong.”
Nigel Kelly – IT industry 


We have spent years researching the best providers and facilities, and testing them thoroughly. Having the right providers can often mean the difference between succeeding and failing. Many providers of staff try to be “all things to all people”, and fail significantly which such a broad scope. Generally they are each good in a specific industry or with specific positions, or for working with specific types of businesses. None of them are great at everything, regardless of what they may say.


Easy Offshore will analyse your objectives and the nature of your business, and make recommendations for one or more providers that are a great match.  By doing this you will avoid wasting time and money on a bad fit, and will avoid the substantial disruptions to your business that can be caused by a bad fit.  There is NO one solution that fits all – despite what providers may tell you.  Even a business which may look similar to yours may have different management capabilities, and therefore be better suited to a different strategy and different providers.


The other crucial aspect to our services is on providing advice for the transition to having an offshore team.  This is a key area of failure for businesses with the wrong approach.  It’s actually not hard at all to get it right with a structured approach to hiring and managing offshore staff, and the transition process within your business.  But unless someone with experience tells you how to do it, you must expect a level of trial and error.  Leverage our knowledge to skip the trial and error and go straight to the successes.


Depending on the provider we recommend and what you select, you may find you’re dealing with an organisation that provides many thousands of staff to its global clients. If you’ve only got a handful of staff with them, that makes you a small fish in the big pond of their client base.  We help you get better pricing for overhead costs (like desk-space and IT systems) than you might otherwise get.  We also stay with over time, helping you iron out any wrinkles with your providers.   Don’t forget that this is game of humans – you’re adding real people to your team, and those will be supervised by other humans, and their payroll done by yet more humans.  Just like with your Australian team, from time to time there will be things to resolve, and this is where we can help you get a better or faster result, based upon our experience, and our relationships with your offshore providers.


Technology it the glue that holds your global-resourcing teams together.  Effective communication and sharing of applications and data is crucial, and your technology must be able to deliver this.

Our sister company is an Australian IT firm started in 2002 with extensive experience in business technology solutions.  Whether you just need a little bit of advice in order to make your phone system have extensions in another country, or perhaps you need a full Private Cloud solution to allow all your remote staff to connect into your systems securely – we can give you precisely what you need.