NGO/NFP - Easy Offshore
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If your organisation is a NFP with more than 20 staff, we offer some additional services.

At no charge we will come up with a plan for how you can simultaneously put substantial savings to your bottom line, AND expand your work to have global reach.

Not only will your offshore team love you for their work opportunities, but some of the savings can be put into programs in their local area.

Imagine not only doing your wonderful works in Australia, but also being able to offer them in Philippines for example.

All at once you could:

– Perhaps save $100,000 or $1M per year on wages (helping you deliver more services here),

– And employ some very grateful offshore staff,

– And help their their community by investing a percentage of your savings into community programs,

– And still save $80,000 (or $800,000) per year!

Even $10,000 or $20,000 per annum stretches a very long way in some of these countries, and there is a good chance that they could do with your help.

We can help you establish relationships with the right people in order to spread your great work as your business adapts a global model.