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Outsourcing Intro Session | Offshore Master Class

Our vision is to help ALL Australian businesses to navigate the huge global labour shift that is under way.

Right now there is growing divide between those businesses (and NGOs) who understand and have integrated global resourcing, and those who have not. In the coming years we will all face stiff opposition from foreign owned companies selling into Australian on a very low offshore cost base. The time to prepare and adapt is NOW.

To adapt successfully, you need to understand the changes, and understand how to establish an effective offshore team safely and ethically. Which tasks you choose to do offshore are different for different companies. Those in financial stress shift more tasks and more rapidly in order to survive. Those with the luxury of stable margins are more selective about what tasks/roles they do offshore.

It is our belief that profitable, stable businesses, owned by Australians, employing Australians with profits taxed in Australia, is better than dying businesses who cannot compete, and who give up their market share to foreign owned companies who employ very few Australians. But there is a high failure rate offshore because the learning curve is steep.

We offer a money-back guarantee with our seminar content: Follow our blueprint and your offshore strategy will succeed.

Outsourcing / Offshoring Introductory Sessions & Webinars

Webinars coming soon. In the meantime, see below in the Master Class section for free local events near you.

We feel its important for every business to understand that global resourcing IS going to affect their business. The chances are high that your best competitors are already leveraging this to get a significant advantage over you.

Others realise it affects them, but are highly concerned about the ethics of "slave wages", or worried about doing business in a developing nation.

Don't make assumptions, learn the facts and then make your decisions. Attend our low cost and no cost events to decide if this is something that you should investigate further. Receive up to date information, understand the ethics, and hear examples that are relevant to your industry.

"I've got to say I was sceptical that offshoring could have anything to do with the construction industry. I only went along because my accountant said i should. The 1 hour intro changed my mind and I'm glad I stayed for the rest of the seminar. The last two weeks I started asking more guys in my industry if they are doing anything offshore and been surprised to find that quite a few already are doing some admin or marketing, and one of them has had a team of offshore draftsmen for over a year! "
Roy Martin - Construction Industry

Master Class

The best way to take the next step is to come to a half-day Master Class, which is 6 years of research and experience condensed into 4 hours in an easy-to-follow blueprint.

The session includes:

The ethics of offshore employment – the difference between low-cost wages and “slave wages”.

What will happen to businesses who fail to adapt, how they will be squeezed. Why this phenomenon cannot be stopped, and how to adapt your business.

What skills are available in offshore labour hubs like Philippines and India – it is NOT what you think.

What are the technology and security considerations - how to set up your IT and telephones to facilitate an offshore team.

How to set up an offshore team safely, and the 8 different models of employing staff. PLUS, when to set up your own office space and when not to.

The difference between “outsourcing” vs setting up an offshore team (and when to use each approach).

Our complete, independent list of TESTED providers – who to use for what roles/tasks AND how much they cost. No guessing! (This is vital because low-quality providers are everywhere.)

All the most common reasons why businesses fail with offshoring. (Still around half of businesses implement badly and we address each reason.)

Full detail on salary packaging methods for building a loyal & productive team of full-time staff offshore.

How to maintain and even improve customer service and prevent unhappy customers.

Why your Australian staff should ultimately end up happier after you implement an offshore team. Why the internal pitch to your Australian team is vital, and how to do it well.

Cultural considerations and management techniques with your offshore team.

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